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Track 1 Day 2: Young


No Outlet, No Problem! Infiltrate

Thursday March 21, 2019
2:00 to 2:30 pm


Jennifer Young, Stantec Consulting Ltd.


With 42 acres of land and no drainage outlet, RBJ Schelgel Park needed a drainage design that was cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and capable of managing the regional storm for the site. The park uses LID and infiltration exclusively for the stormwater management.

The City of Kitchener is leading the pack among Ontario municipalities handling stormwater runoff. The goal with the RBJ Schelgel Park project is to maintain the existing gravel infiltration conditions, support the City’s Low Impact Development (LID) policy, and ensure that the stormwater runoff design allows for free play within the park.

The main obstacle to overcome with this project is to ensure the site and its grading can handle a large storm event, provide water quality, and have the storage volume to ensure infiltration. As well, in the case of smaller storm events, the surface infiltration designs should not impact enjoyment of the park.

The design process presented many challenges and unique solutions, with refinement in the design occurring though out the design, tender, and early construction processes. An engaged, committed client and proactive contractor have led to an innovative, usable design that will serve city residents for decades to come.


Learning Objectives

1. Introduce the park and site. Frame the unique circumstances on site.

2. Introduce some of the issues encountered in the design process and how they were tackled.

3. Highlight how a receptive client and good contractor can make an LID project succeed.


Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young has 13 years of consulting experience, specializing in various aspects of water resources engineering including low impact development (LID), green infrastructure, and Integrated Stormwater Management Planning.

Jennifer has extensive experience in scoping, design, construction and inspection, and monitoring of LID facilities, including road side and retrofit LID applications. She has completed many projects across Canada and has extensive knowledge of the challenges involved in LID design and construction.

Jennifer has applied her expertise in drafting bylaws, standards, specifications, and typical drawings for stormwater green infrastructure, as well as the development of city-wide LID and GI programs and stormwater utilities across Canada.