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Past Proceedings

Past Proceedings



Designing a City for Zero Stormwater Discharge
Presenter: Jay Michaels, Emmons & Olivier Resources, Inc.

LID Measures for Water Supply Source Protection: The Case of Quebec City and St-Charles Lake
Presenter: Gilles Rivard, Lasalle/NHC

Low Impact Development (LID) Pilot Projects within the Lake Simcoe Watershed: Successes and Lessons Learned from Municipal-Conservation Authority Implementation Partnerships
Presenters: Ben Longstaff, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority; Rachel Prudhomme, Town of Newmarket; Glen McArthur, Town of Aurora

The Queensway Sustainable Sidewalk Pilot Project
Presenters: Patrick Cheung and Rod Anderton, City of Toronto

The Next Step: Using LID to Mimic Natural Systems with Arterial Road Drainage
Presenter: John Nemeth, Region of Peel

2017 MOECC Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Guidance Manual
Presenters: Chris Denich, Aquafor Beech Ltd;
John Antoszek, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Establishing Appropriate LID BMP Volume Control Targets to Effectively Address Subwatershed Objectives: How Much is Enough?
Presenters: Daron Abbey, Matrix Solutions Inc.; Ron Scheckenberger, Amec Foster Wheeler

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program Update: The Shift to ISO 14034 and the New Oil Grit Separator Verifications
Presenters: Tim Van Seters, Toronto and Region Conservation; Jose Luis Hernandez, CSA Group

Stormwater Rate Financing in Canada: How To Make It Work
Presenters: Ray Tufgar, AECOM; Michael Gregory, Computational Hydraulics International (CHI)



Implementation of New Technologies, Concepts, and Approaches to Monitoring and Managing Construction Sites
Presenter: Paul Villard, GEO Morphix Ltd.

The Evolution of ESC Monitoring and Environmental Risk Management: Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We Are Headed and What We Need to do to Get There
Presenters: Sam Morra, Condrain Group; Imshun Je, Groundwater Environmental Management Services (GEMS)

Improving Standards for Preserving and Restoring Healthy Soil: Construction Specifications for Implementing Compost Amended Topsoil in Ontario
Presenter: Chris Morrison, StormWaterForestry

Wildlife-Friendly Erosion and Sediment Control
Presenter: Risa Olekshy, Manitoba Infrastructure

Success of an Adaptive Management Program for Large Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study
Presenter: Michael Tredree, Dillon Consulting Limited

Removal of Suspended Sediments During a Pond Dewatering Using a PAM Treatment Train: A Case Study Approach
Presenter: Mark Simpson, Layfield Canada Ltd.

What Goes on Upstream Must Come Downstream … But Should It? Mitigation Measures for Protection of Aquatic Species
Presenters: Kim Logan, Groundwater Environmental Management Services; Mark Heaton, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Realities of ESC Planning and Implementation: Perspective from a BC Industrial Case Study
Presenter: Matthew Graham, Amec Foster Wheeler

Tendering Environmental Scope of Work in Construction: A Panel Discussion
Facilitator: Andrew McNally, C & M McNally Engineering
Panelists: Louie Larocca, Greater Toronto Sewer and Watermain Contractors Association (GTSWCA); John Currey, Earth Boring; Julia Risi, SCS Consulting



Engineering and Construction Services Stormwater Management Infrastructure
Presenters: Daniel McCreery and Kumar Sivakumaran, City of Toronto

Stormwater Management Facilities Condition Assessments, Inventories and Rehabilitation Prioritization
Presenters: Pippy Warburton and Steven Scott, AECOM

Water Budget Mitigation & Enhancement Measures Between SWM Outflow and Ecological Receivers
Presenters: Nathan Miller, Lillian Knopf and David Stephenson, Natural Resource Solutions Inc.

Minnesota Low Impact Development Comparison Study: Having Our Cake & Eating It Too!
Presenter: Jay Michels, Emmons & Olivier Resources, Inc.

The Many Faces of Bioretention: What Monitoring and Research in Ontario is Telling us About Design and Performance
Presenter: Tim Van Seters, Toronto and Region Conservation

Development of an LID and Urban Water Balance Modeling Tool
Presenters: Steve Auger, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority; Christopher Davidson, Golder Associates

Economic-Based Approach to Stormwater Management and Green Infrastructure
Presenters: Kyle Vander Linden, Credit Valley Conservation; Tracy Patterson, Freeman Associates

A Market-Based Approach to Stormwater Management
Presenters: Tracy Patterson, Freeman Associates; Tracey Carrigan, York Region

Taking Green Infrastructure Mainstream in British Columbia
Presenter: Andrew Kolper, Kerr Wood Leidal



In-Stream Isolation Methods: Techniques, Tips and Lessons Learned
Presenter: Moranne McDonnell, Toronto and Region Conservation

Urban Stream Restoration in Two Case Studies
Presenter: Jonathan Koepke, ENCAP Inc.

The Riffle: An Allegory of the Practice of Natural Channel Design in Ontario
Presenter: Mark Hartley, MMM Group

Lessons Learned: Stream Restoration with Contractors New to Natural Channel Design
Presenter: Jeff Muirhead, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

When Creek Meets Valley Wall: Prioritizing Erosion Mitigation Alongside the Oshawa Landfill
Presenters: Robin McKillop, Palmer Environmental Consulting Group; Cassie Scobie, Regional Municipality of Durham

Buried Secrets Exposed within Toronto’s River Valleys
Presenter: Robert Amos, Aquafor Beech Limited

Litigation Related to Failed Stream Restoration Projects: It Is Closer than You Think
Presenter: Brad Fairley, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Green Roofs: Reflections and Predictions
Presenter: Jenny Hill, jchill

State of Climate Change Science and Practice in Ontario
Presenters: Fabio Tonto and Edmundo Fausto, Toronto and Region Conservation




Re-Imagining Municipal Stormwater Management – A SWM Model for the 21st Century
Presenters: Chris Denich, Aquafor Beech Limited & Tracy Patterson, Freeman Associates

On-Site SWM on Private Property: Assessing Innovative Mechanisms to Drive Uptake
Presenters: Kyle Vander Linden & Bill Trenouth, Credit Valley Conservation

Evolution of LID and Source Controls in B.C.’s Lower Mainland
Presenter: Jennifer Young, Stantec

The Use and Benefits of Standards for Sustainable Stormwater Management Challenges
Presenter: Jeff Walker, CSA Group

Development of an ASCE Standard for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements
Presenters: David Hein, Applied Research Associates Inc. & Glenn Herold, Oaks by Brampton Brick

From Bogs to Marshes, Creating the Right Water Balance for a Wetland Feature
Presenters: Geoff Masotti, Cole Engineering Group Ltd. & Elyssa Elton, Toronto and Region Conservation



Wetland Impacts and the Potential Effects of Aggregate Operations
Presenter: Kim Logan, Groundwater Environmental Management Services (GEMS)

The Role of Vegetation in Strengthening Levees in New Orleans
Presenter: Jeffrey Beasley, Louisiana State University

Using Polymer Enhanced Best Management Practices to Control Erosion and Enhance Water Quality
Presenter: Seva Iwinski Bray, Applied Polymer Systems

A New Approach to Managing ESC Inspections and Environmental Compliance
Presenters: Chris Ewen, Regional Municipality of Halton & Rob Frizzell, Palmer Environmental Consulting Group

Northern Climate Revegetation Using Biotic Soil Amendments
Presenter: Alex Zimmerman, Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion and Sediment Control Research Study for the Lake Simcoe Watershed
Presenters: Steve Auger, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority; Tim Krsul, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change; Natasha Kone, Golder Associates Ltd.




Urban Stream Restoration Techniques and Applied Practices
Presenter: Jonathan Koepke, Encap Inc.

Vegetation for Bank Erosion Protection and Natural Channel Design
Presenter: Bahar SM, AHYDTECH Geomorphic

The Invisible Sediment
Presenters: Jill Attwood and Matthew Pickett, Groundwater Environmental Management Services Inc. (GEMS)

Fluvial System Concepts and Their Application in Greenfield Stream Corridor Realignment
Presenter: Paul Villard, GEO Morphix Ltd.

Watercourse Improvement Projects Where Both the Biologist and Engineer Can Agree
Presenters: Ravin Nag and Santino Tersigni, Maccaferri Canada Ltd.

Channel Naturalization: Planning and Implementation in Peel Region
Presenters: Christine Tu and Rick Portiss, Toronto and Region Conservation

Assessing and Mitigating Bedrock Erosion Along Realigned Lower Albion Creek
Presenters: Robin McKillop, Palmer Environmental Consulting Group, and Brian Greck, Greck and Associates Limited

Vegetative Establishment Utilizing Proper Soil Analysis and Stabilization Techniques
Presenter: Stephen Zwilling, Profile Products LLC

Biotic Soil Amendments for Site Revegetation
Presenter: Alex Zimmerman, Erosion Control Blanket



Performance Testing and Verification of Stormwater Practices (Panel Discussion)
Presenters: John Neate, GLOBE Performance Solutions; Seth
Brown, Water Environment Federation; and
Joel Garbon, Imbrium Systems

Are “End of Pipe” Stormwater Management Ponds Working?
Presenter: Dave Lembcke, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Stormwater Management Asset Sustainability ($ Savings = BMP Reinvestments + Regulatory Compliance)
Presenters: Andrew Palmer and Donald Moss, Greenland Group

Water Quality and Hydrologic Performance of a Porous Asphalt Pavement as a Stormwater Management Treatment Strategy in a Cold Climate
Presenter: Robert Roseen, Geosyntec Consultants

Getting the Dirt Out: Practical Guidance on How to Clean Ponds Effectively and Cheaply while Staying on the Right Side of the Law (Panel Discussion)
Presenters: Ralph Tonninger, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority; Tim Van Seters, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority; Francine Kelly-Hooper, CH2M Hill; and Janet L. Bobechko, Blaney McMurtry LLP.

Minimal Impact Design Standards
Presenters: Jay Michels, Emmons & Olivier Resources, Inc.; and Rob Baldwin, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Making LID Inspection and Maintenance Easier and Cheaper By Design
Presenter: Dean Young, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority



Stormwater BMPs for Difficult Sites and Soils
Presenters: Derek Hann, Snohomish Conservation District; and Zsofia Pasztor, Edmonds Community College

RAIN: Inspiring Property Owners to Take Action About Stormwater
Presenter: Clara Blakelock, Green Communities Canada

Full-scale Structural Testing and Development of Design Guidelines for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement
Presenter: Robert Bowers, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

Raising the LID Bar: A Process for Full Scale Pilot LID Implementation for Mississauga Road
Presenter: John Nemeth, Region of Peel

Simplified LID for Residential and Small Commercial Sites
Presenter: Andrew Reese, AMEC Foster Wheeler

Concrete Channels: A Return to Naturalized Streams in Urban Environments
Presenters: Melissa Ryan, City of Kitchener; Steve Brown, Stantec Consulting Ltd.; and Harry Reinders, RM Construction

Polymer Enhanced BMPs in Stormwater Management and Erosion Control
Presenter: Seva Iwinski, Applied Polymer Systems

Making the Connection Between Ecosystems and Water: Advancing Analysis of Water Balance for Natural Features
Presenter: Laura Del Giudice, Toronto and Region Conservation; and Scott Sampson, Credit Valley Conservation Authority




York Region Initiative and Sustainable Development Approval – Pilot Project
Presenters: Tracy Patterson, Freeman & Associates & Tara Clayton, York Region

City of Toronto Wet Weather Flow Management Guidelines – 2013 Update
Presenter: Ted Bowering, City of Toronto

Developing a Regional Government Stormwater Program in Southern Ontario
Presenter: John Nemeth, Region of Peel

The Runoff Reduction Method: Experiences from Washington, D.C. and other Neighbouring States
Presenter: Greg Hoffman, Centre for Watershed Protection, Inc.

Development of a National ASCE Standard for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement
Presenter: David Hein, Applied Research Associates Inc.

Maintaining Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement
Presenter: Jennifer Drake, University of Toronto



A Forest Runs Through it: Innovative AND Proven Solutions for Integrating Large Trees, Soil and Rainwater in Urban Areas
Presenter: Mike James, Deeproot Canada Corp.

Greening Your Grounds: Engaging Communities about Low Impact Development
Presenters: Erin Bullis & Cass Stabler, Toronto and Region Conservation

Vegetation Establishment on Construction Sites
Presenter: Jonathan Koepke, Encap

Designing & Implementing Effective ESC Plans: Molise Kleinburg Estates Inc. – Phase 1
Presenter: John Priamo, SCS Consulting

Construction Site Effluent Management
Presenters: Jill Attwood & Dave Green, Groundwater Environment Management Services (GEMS)



Low Impact Development Case Studies: Successes, Challenges and Lessons Learned
Presenter: Mark Schollen, Schollen & Company Inc.

Evaluation of a Geotube and Hydraulic Dredging Approach to SWM Pond Cleanout in the City of Vaughan
Presenters: Mark Simpson, Layfield Environmental Systems Ltd. & Frank Suppa, City of Vaughan

What I Didn’t Know About Natural Channel Restoration
Presenter: Brian Greck, Greck & Associates Ltd.

Soil Testing as a Key Component in Erosion Control Projects
Presenter: Laura Girard, Profile Products

Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Statistics: In Engineering Practice and in a Changing Climate
Presenter: Ryan Ness, Toronto and Region Conservation

10 Steps to Construction Site Compliance
Presenter: Jennifer Hildebrand, WSB & Associates




EQuilibrium Communities Projects and Bioretention Monitoring Study
Presenters: Susan Fisher, CMHC & Chris Denich, Aquafor Beech

Designing Infiltration Practices on Low Permeability Soils
Presenter: Dean Young, Toronto and Region Conservation

Oil Grit Separator Testing Protocol for Canada
Presenter: Tim Van Seters, Toronto and Region Conservation & John Neate, Global Performance Solutions

Evolution of Stormwater Management in Calgary
Presenter: Bert van Duin, City of Calgary

City of Kitchener’s Stormwater Utility and Credit Policy
Presenter: Nick Gollan, City of Kitchener

LID Residential Subdivision
Presenter: Alan Kimble, Sabourin Kimble & Associates

Innovative and Sustainable Development – Streamlining the Approval Process Pilot Project
Presenter: Tracy Patterson, Freeman and Associates & Tara Clayton, York Region

The Business Case for LID
Presenter: Tim Van Seters, Toronto and Region Conservation
Presenter: Abe Khademi, The Municipal Infrastructure Group

Putting a LID on Stormwater: How Melbourne Built Resiliency Through Green Infrastructure
Presenter: Andrew Marshall

Ontario Case Studies: Design & Construction for Retrofits and New Developments: Real World Experience & Lessons Learned
Presenter: Chris Denich, Aquafor Beech

Designing for Permeable Pavement: Long Term Performance and Cost Efficiency
Presenter: David Hein, ARA

Municipal Perspective: LID Barriers
Presenters: Muneef Ahmad, City of Mississauga & John Nemeth, Region of Peel



Implementing and Maintaining BMP’s
Presenter: Jonathan Koepke, Encap

Erosion Control Solutions for Soil Management and Vegetative Establishment
Presenter: Steve Zwilling, Profile Products

Tackifiers: Understanding the Chemistry of Polymers
Presenter: Andy Olekszyk, Engenium Chemicals

Performance Evaluation of Anionic Polymers for Treatment of Construction Runoff and Anionic Polyacrylamide Application Guide for Urban Construction in Ontario
Presenter: Lisa Rocha, Toronto and Region Conservation

Turbidity Monitoring: Reducing Sediment Loading in Redside Dace Habitat
Presenter: Paul Villard, Geomorphic Solutions

Streamside Systems
Presenter: Ron Bisaillon, Streamside Environmental, LLC

Environmental Compliance Solutions
Presenter: Steve Marino, York Region

The Role of Risk Assessment in the Development of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
Presenter: Robin McKillop, Palmer Environmental Consulting Group

Designing Effective ESC Plans: Berkeley Homes Case Study
Presenter: Marco Zuccaro, EMC

Presenter: Bert van Duin, City of Calgary

Storm Water Management Pond Cleaning
Presenter: Russell Thomas, Aquatech

Isolating In-Water Works
Presenters: Jill Attwood, GEMS &  Maria Parish, Toronto and Region Conservation




Low Impact Development Demonstration Project
Presenter: Abe Khademi, The Municipal Infrastructure Group

Erosion Control Blankets and Turf Reinforcement Mats
Presenter: Mark Myrowich, Erosion Control Blanket

Landscape Based Stormwater Management
Presenter: Mark Schollen, Schollen & Company Inc.

STEP – Synthesis of Performance Monitoring
Presenter: Tim Van Seters, Toronto and Region Conservation

Construction Management: A Contractor’s Perspective
Presenter: Jonathan Koepke, Encap

Implementing Low Impact Development Techniques
Presenter: Scott Sonnenberg, Eco-Design & Engineering

Pumping and Filtration Techniques
Presenter: Russell Thomas, Aquatech

Effective Installation of Erosion Controls and Bio-engineering
Presenter: Paul Villard, Geomorphic Solutions

Emergent SWM Issues and Challenges: Spill Management
Presenter: James Li, Ryerson University

Harnessing the Power of Organics for Clean Water and Local Food
Presenter: Rod Tyler, Filtrexx



Paying for Stormwater Management: Unique Approaches in Canada
Presenter: Mike Gregory, AECOM

Armoring with Turf and Root Reinforcement Mat Technology
Presenter: Ian Corne, Nilex

LID Modeling Using SWMM
Presenter: Rob James, Computational Hydraulics International

Soil Management Guidelines For Urban Construction
Presenters: Dean Young, Toronto and Region Conservation and Chris Morrison, Douglas Wood Large Tree Services

Low Impact Development Construction
Presenter: Robb Lukes, Credit Valley Conservation

Biotic Earth: Hydroseeding with Mulch and Organics
Presenter: Mark Myrowich, Erosion Control Blanket

Engineered Wetland Technology to Advance Stormwater Quality Treatment
Presenter: Sheldon Smith, Stantec Consulting

Vegetated Riprap Installation Techniques for Streambank Protection, Fish and Wildlife Habitat Creation
Presenter: Pierre Raymond, Terra Erosion Control Ltd.

Advances in Stormwater Management Operations and Maintenance
Presenter: Edward Graham, Cole Engineering

Minimizing Impacts When Working in the Wet
Presenter: Harry Reinders, R&M Construction

Inspection and Maintenance of Oil Grit Separators
Presenter: Garnet Shaver, Minotaur

An Erosion and Sediment Control Design Tool for Construction Sites
Presenter: Bahram Gharabaghi, University of Guelph